The Complete Guide to Styling a Lehenga for Your Wedding

Sep 06 2022

A lehenga is a traditional Indian garment that is mostly used for weddings, festivals, and other special occasions. It is often made up of a long skirt, a choli (a fitted blouse), and a dupatta (or shawl). The lehenga is a chic and versatile piece that can be styled in a variety of ways to flatter various body types, event styles, and occasions. This article will give you an indepth look at the various aspects of styling a lehenga for your wedding.

First and foremost, it is crucial to consider the lehenga’s fabric. Different fabrics will give you a different appearance, so choosing the right fabric for the occasion is critical. Traditional fabrics such as silk, georgette, and velvet are in high demand for weddings. These fabrics are well-known for their sophistication and luxurious feel. If you want to have an edgier appearance, try cotton, linen, and crepe.

You’ll then have to decide on the lehenga’s color. For weddings, it is best to go for bright and vivid colors such as red, pink, and orange, since these are synonymous with joy and happiness. However, if you prefer a more subtle appearance, you may opt for softer shades such as pastel pink, lilac, and light blue.

It’s also crucial to choose the right accessories to complete your look. To enhance the lehenga’s overall appearance, a variety of jewelry, earrings, bangles, and hair accessories can be used. You can opt for a small bindi and a pair of earrings if you want to keep your look minimal.

Lastly, you’ll have to choose the right hairstyle for the occasion. For weddings, it’s best to go for an updo or a half-down style because these hairstyles are chic and will help to keep the focus on the lehenga centered. If you like a more casual and casual appearance, you may opt for a loose bun or a ponytail.

You will be able to get the perfect look for your wedding day by following these guidelines. You’ll be sure to look stunning in your lehenga with the right fabric, tone, accessories, and hairstyle.

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